Preparing Project Managers for Disruption


Preparing Project Managers for Disruption “… in the real world, what we see as events are themselves the products of continuous processes that unfold over time, with no beginning and end, and that nothing is ever solely a cause or solely an effect.”[1] Learning to manage the impact of disruption on the [...]

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Developing Competency Standards for the Future of Complex Project Management


Standards in Project Management are not new. We have many examples of other professional project bodies which have their own well developed standards. You might be asking ‘Why do we need Complex Project Manager Competency Standards?’ Answer, existing project management standards don’t deal with the skills and behaviours needed to deal with the integrated, ambiguous and [...]

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International Project Management Day – ICCPM Event


This year marks the 14th International Project Management Day on the 1st of November - a day designed to recognise the achievements and advancements of our project teams , project organisations  and the project profession worldwide. In the spirit of the day ICCPM has chosen to mark the celebration over a 2 week period!  We would [...]

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Successful Contracting In Complex Projects


The Daily Telegraph carries an article today, 17th May, entitled ‘ Rail Mob’s Huge Pay-Ella’ ( in which it reports on the Spanish company holding Sydney to ransom with the delayed light rail project. According to this article Spanish construction company Acciona, who appear to have a track record of contractual spats with international [...]

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Complexity in Project Environments


The Australian Federal government has continually made strong commitments towards supporting state and territory project commitments and plans for future investment programs. The 2018/2019 Australian budget announced last night reaffirms this commitment with the “Federal Government investing more than $75 billion in transport infrastructure projects over the next decade, including $24 billion allocated in the 2018/2019 Federal Budget [...]

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What does it feel like to be in complex project?


I am often asked “how you do you know and what does it feel like to be in complex project”. When I think about it, the short answer is it depends, it feels different for everyone. This article is a case study that I did quite a while ago, it is a real project with real [...]

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Collaboration – “traitorous cooperation with an enemy”


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be on a panel discussion at the Engineers Australia (WA) Leadership conference with some other wonderful presenters. The conference was very interesting and I think the format worked really well, well done Engineers Australia for doing something a little different….. The topic I was asked to [...]

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ICCPM Speaking Engagements


ICCPM CEO, Deborah Hein will be speaking at the IACCM Australasia Conference in Melbourne today. She and Tim Cummins, CEO of IACCM will present the outcomes report from the 2016 Roundtable Series: Contracting for Success in Complex Projects. Get the latest information from the event.   Deb is also confirmed to speak at Engineers Australia's WA Leaders [...]

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First ICCPM Complexity Awareness Program Delivery


Monday 11th of May, marks a momentous occasion for us here at ICCPM.  We have commenced delivery of our very own education product to BAE Systems in Adelaide.  The Complexity Awareness Program looks to introduce an understanding of complexity earlier in the participants education and employment journey.  ICCPM's ultimate aim is to contribute to building future managers [...]

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I have been very privileged to be involved with ICCPM for over four years now and the most fascinating aspect of my job is talking with and listening to people from all walks of life, all kinds of industry sectors, different educational backgrounds and experience bases.  The vast majority have shared their collective desire to [...]