Board Members


Dr Alicia Aitken

Chair & Non-Executive
Director (AU)

Collin Smith

Managing Director &

Dr Phil Crosby

Non-Executive Director

Rebecca Wheadon

Non-Executive Director

Tim Banfield

Non-Executive Director

Val Jonas

Non-Executive Director

Alistair Godbold

Non-Executive Director

ICCPM is led by a Board of between five and nine directors, elected for a term of two years and are appointed following due process in accordance with the ICCPM Constitution and the ICCPM Governance Charter. Responsible for the organisations leadership, the Chair of the board is elected by other directors and is limited to three successive two-year terms.

All ICCPM board members are required to follow best practice guidance for Not-for-Profit organisations, are required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and are strictly held to comply with the company’s conflict of interest policy. ICCPM Non-Executive Board Director roles are volunteer “pro bono” positions; Directors receive no financial benefit from their role as directors, they hold no equity nor receive any profit share.


ICCPM has a Code of Conduct that sets out the ethical principles the organisation endorses and the standards that are expected of its members and leaders. Every member of the ICCPM Board as part of their governance duties are required to foster an ethical culture in the organisation intended to guide conduct and actions.

Company Directors, Members, Officers, and employees of ICCPM commit to:

  • Honesty, integrity, and transparency;

  • Acting responsibly;

  • Maintaining trust through full accountability;

  • Complying with the spirit and the letter of all applicable laws, regulations, and rules;

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest, whether actual or apparent;

  • Responsible stewardship of resources;

  • Treating directors, officers, employees, members, and all other individuals and stakeholders with respect and fairness; and

  • Report violations of this Code of Ethics to the Chairperson of the Audit and Risk Committee.


An interview with ICCPM Fellow and International Mega Projects Expert Dr Phil Crosby is available exclusively for ICCPM Members in the podcast section of the Members Area ». An excerpt of the interview is available in our news post ». If you are not yet a member, take advantage of the opportunity to gain access to ICCPM exclusive resources, training and event discounts, and more.