Same Mission, with More Training, Higher Engagement and Greater Accessibility!

We’ve been hinting towards it for some time, and now the secret is out!  ICCPM has made the decision to adopt new corporate branding in order to revitalise our brand, reflecting our growth and changes in our operating environment. We are thrilled to offer our community new training opportunities, membership offerings, and increased opportunities for engagement with your peers.

Why are we changing?
Historically, ICCPM’s brand and logo have had a strong association with Defence Industry – unsurprising given our establishment by international Government Defence agencies.  This foundation has served our organisation well, establishing our international presence as the peak body for improving complex project performance, but as the awareness of, and need to understand, project complexity has intensified, the case for making our offerings fit for project professional across broader industries has strengthened.

We have an increased focused to help project organisations and professionals to successfully manage complexity to deliver successful projects and corporate objectives.

With this in mind, ICCPM is excited to announce we have decided to re-fresh our service offerings and branding to meet the growing needs of our clients and increase appeal to new target markets.

What will be changing?
As of October 2018, the changes to our branding will be noticeable in main two ways:

Corporate Colours, ICCPM website.

We will be changing from our green and grey branding to orange and navy blue. We have also launched a new website with fresh appeal and increased flexibility for us to provide a user friendly
interface to access resources and information easily.  Over time, we will continue to transfer new resources and tools to the website, so check in regularly and explore the offerings! You will also see improvements made to CONNECT and other ICCPM resources.

The future is bright! We look forward to offering our new products and services under a strengthened brand in the marketplace, working together to help you gain key industry insights and be there to help you to continue to advance the competencies of the international project profession.

Explore the changes!

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