About Volunteer Opportunities


ICCPM has spent over 11 years shining the light on project complexity and championing the professional development of project managers. We are proud to be building the future workforce and contributing to the success of projects in the ambiguous environment that is the 21st century.

Every project professional has different interests, skills and strengths that help them to succeed in their roles and make a positive impact on their organisation and industry.  ICCPM’s volunteer opportunities have the flexibility to fit around your professional and personal life, and are designed to give you opportunities to share your experiences, knowledge and insights in the areas that interest you the most, via the platforms you are most comfortable with.  Every volunteer has the opportunity to make a contribution and/or lead new knowledge sharing activities and initiatives.

ICCPM volunteers help advance the project profession around the world!

Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Presenting at Conferences and Events

  • Write contributions for CONNECT Magazine

  • Participating in, leading or starting, Special Interest Groups (SIG’s)

  • Being a panel member or presenter in ICCPM Webinars

  • Contributing to the development of interesting, insightful and leading Thought Leadership pieces for the profession, including: collaborative writing, editing or publication opportunities

  • Involvement with digital media (podcasts and videos)

Benefits of Volunteering